Our Selfish Human Race

I shall wonder all the time,
If we are committing crime.
This is why I will think so,
I will want you all to know.

There are loggers cutting down,
Trees in every single town.
For our paper everyday,
For each dollar that we pay.

Ruining the animals place,
For our selfish human race.
Then we take the space we’ve got,
That big, huge and empty lot.

For unnecessary roads,
Giving workers heavy loads.
Then we pay them with a tree,
Our selfish human race.

~ Marianna Wynne

Inspired by: The Story of Stuff

Found An Eastern Box Turtle In The Yard

eastern box turtleMy dad was working in the garden and walking back behind the house when he saw something that “didn’t belong there” on the ground. He picked it up and it was a baby Eastern Box Turtle whose carpace measures about 1.25″ from front to back.

We think it is a girl and she is just so cute. We might keep her and found out she could live to be as old as 100 years although they typically live to be about 40-50 years. They are normally born in a clutch of 4 eggs but we could not find the others, I hope that snake did not get them.

We named the turtle “Danny” because we are not sure that she is a she.

A Copperhead In The Yard

dissecting a copperheadToday my life changed. My sister and I were helping dad with a carpentry project when he saw a Copperhead and immediately killed it. I don’t like hurting animals but these are poisonous and it was going into our garage!

After we looked at it for awhile dad asked us if we wanted to cut it open, thinking we might find a mouse or something. We were reluctant but dad got a knife and soon he was cutting it open. We did not find anything that the snake had been eating but we did find BABIES!!!

Here are some photos that we took of the eggs and the little baby. I felt terrible but it was a dangerous snake. We have black snakes and we like those to keep rodents away from our yard and the garden.

This Copperhead would also eat the little baby Eastern Box Turtle that we found in the yard.

The photo below is of one of the baby snakes that was in one of those eggs. It was amazing and I never thought I would take a razor knife and cut something up but this was cool. I even found the heart and
baby copperhead

I have a little video that Papa took that shows the heart beating. You can see it here.

Queen Esther

queen estherI have always loved the Bible stories of queen Esther. How she was a sad orphan girl until her uncle took her in and changed her name from Hadahsa to Esther, which means “star”.

It is amazing how she was then chosen because of her beauty to pass before the king as a potential wife. She was chosen although I think it was not only her outward beauty but her inward beauty and because Jesus had a special plan for her.

She was willing to die because she loved her people. If you have not read the story you should, it is one of my favorites.

Some Of My ACEO Cards

red riding hoodMy Mom was making a lot of ACEO art cards and I like to do projects with her so I asked if I could make some of my own ACEO cards. I made a lot of them but two I felt I would like to put on Ebay for me so I asked Mom if she would do it for me and she agreed.

I was so excited when I saw people watching the cards and then when there were bids.
They were bought by the same man, Aharon, and to him I am very thankful for his kindness and to send me a letter telling me about his story with art.

goldilocksI also wanted to share that my Mom has been working on her website with my Dad and I wanted to invite you to visit it. Her website is www.lanawynne.com

She has a lot of her work on Ebay if you would like to see some click here.

Have fun with art!


My birthday dolls name is Amelie, I love her so much that I think she is the prettiest doll that I ever had! I had many pretty dolls, in fact, I have three favorite dolls right now! Anyway, I love all of my dolls! Here is a picture of my birthday doll and my sister.


My father’s name is bill.I love him so much!I love to play games like Go Fish,Memory Games and Hide And Seek with my father,in the bed on Saturday we play guessing games and Knock!Knock!I ha

Some of my drawings

Papa taught me how to use the scanner today so I could scan Mama’s art cards and can scan my art so I can share it with each of you.

To best view the pictures click on the pic lens and when you have the wall of pictures you will want to click on the picture so it opens full size. I hope you enjoy the drawings.

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Mama’s Art Cards

My Mama is an artist and I wanted to tell you to look at her blog.

I love making Photoshop Art

Here is some more photoshop art.

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