More Photoshop Art

Here are some more pics that I have been creating since the last time I uploaded photoshop art.

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My sister’s name is Elizabeth, and I love my sister so much!! My daddy calls her “Monster”( when she does not hear it) because she cries alot and whines,too. But she is also alot of fun. I love to play with her!
My Lizzy is very smart. She can say “hexagon” when she sees it, she can count odd numbers, like “one three five”, she can name alot of pictures from her brain quest.
Lizzy has some funny ways of saying some words. She says “Fivfin” for “fifteen”, “cumber” for “cucumber”and “cuchleet” for “chocolate”.
This month she turned 2 years old.


So,papa gave me a flip & i liked it, so now this is what a flip is,a flip is something to take a video! it is easy,you can zoom in & out.i can play for hours with it,i love the flip!

We love oranges!

we love oranges

Papa bought 3 bushels of oranges from the church school. They are so sweet and yummy. This was a funny picture from having fun with the orange peels.

What did I get for Christmas.

Christmas 2009I was so happy with the presents that I got for Christmas.

I got a loom, sleeping bag, wooden food, new clothes for my baby doll, a handmade doll from Baba, sketch pad and paints, other stuff and this laptop that I am using now to post to my new blog.

Thank you everyone for your presents, I feel so loved.

My Photoshop Art

I got a Powerbook G4 laptop for Christmas and I have started to use Photoshop. Here are some of the art pieces that I have done and I will continue to add more so come back later.

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I Love My Mashinka!

Papa Loves Mashinka!Mashinka,
Always remember I love you and will never stop loving you. I am making you this blog as a gift.
I am proud of you and look forward to seeing what you have to share with friends, family and all the other people that will find your website.