My birthday dolls name is Amelie, I love her so much that I think she is the prettiest doll that I ever had! I had many pretty dolls, in fact, I have three favorite dolls right now! Anyway, I love all of my dolls! Here is a picture of my birthday doll and my sister.


My father’s name is bill.I love him so much!I love to play games like Go Fish,Memory Games and Hide And Seek with my father,in the bed on Saturday we play guessing games and Knock!Knock!I ha

More Photoshop Art

Here are some more pics that I have been creating since the last time I uploaded photoshop art.

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My sister’s name is Elizabeth, and I love my sister so much!! My daddy calls her “Monster”( when she does not hear it) because she cries alot and whines,too. But she is also alot of fun. I love to play with her!
My Lizzy is very smart. She can say “hexagon” when she sees it, she can count odd numbers, like “one three five”, she can name alot of pictures from her brain quest.
Lizzy has some funny ways of saying some words. She says “Fivfin” for “fifteen”, “cumber” for “cucumber”and “cuchleet” for “chocolate”.
This month she turned 2 years old.


So,papa gave me a flip & i liked it, so now this is what a flip is,a flip is something to take a video! it is easy,you can zoom in & out.i can play for hours with it,i love the flip!